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I don't Die.t

“All of which I did without ever going on a diet.”

A few days ago I ran into an old friend who eagerly began telling me about the new diet she was on.

During the conversation I discovered all the previous diets she had tried which despite their different names can all be summed up in one sentence due to their similar results.

She killed herself to do them, then began feeling a little better and losing a little weight which was great, until it came right back when she quit, along with a sense of depressing failure.

As we parted ways that day I reflected on my own health journey which has lead me through more than a decade of sickness, several years of which I spent unable to function and then through my nutritional choices I became fully well again.

All of which I did without ever going on a diet.


The reason is because I don't view my health as a trend or as something to last only for a certain time frame and my health goals are not solely to look good, but if that happens you won't find me complaining.

Instead, I view my health in the same sense I view personal character such as humility or charity, something to always be maintained and even working on, but certainly not as a short term goal.

Just as I would never wake up tomorrow morning and announce to my family I am officially humble, or I am only going to be humble for the next three weeks, I would not check being healthy off of my to-do list today or tomorrow.

Instead I chuck that to-do list and live by true nutritional principles which are proven through the test of time and you know what? I feel pretty good right now and plan to feel the same in twenty years by doing so.

Jessica Smith