Chestnut Pines
Health & Nutrition Wellness Center
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Thursday & Friday 7:00am - 11:30 am, Saturday 7am - 1:00 pm


All things in the season thereof

Thursday & Friday 7:00am - 11:30 am
Saturday 7:00am - 1:00pm

Redmond Farms’ Raw Milk Truck


 Saturdays 10am-1pm

Come to Chestnut Pines and get Redmond Farms’ raw milk and cheese, pastured eggs, select grass-fed beef and pastured pork, kombucha, and Chestnut Pines’ sprouted grain and sourdough baked goods!

Redmond Heritage Farms’ raw milk and products contain a complete natural balance that support healthy life. All of Chestnut Pines’ handmade sourdough bread rises with natural wild yeast as a true ferment. This is nature’s way of making grains more easily digestible and the nutrients much more abundantly available.  

Bring your friends! Come by every Saturday to get raw milk, high-quality baked goods, and other amazing products that are yummy and good for your health and well being!

Why is raw milk superior? See our blog post: UNFILTERED: Raw milk is better for you