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Why Chestnut Pines?

All persons hold a moral responsibility to be virtuous to each other, as well as to the earth, so the goodness within it may continue to strengthen our bodies, gladden our hearts and enliven our souls.
— Our Vision Statement

'All things in the season thereof'

Mission and Vision

Every day we strive to provide people an opportunity to learn about real whole foods that are not artificial, nor an imitation. Rather a real product that was intended by our creator for the purpose of restoring the body.

Things that come from the earth in their natural state were created by God for the benefit and use of mankind. As a result, health is not a trend that comes and goes, rather it may be obtained through everlasting basic principles. We strive to bring well-being to all by using and teaching about only the highest quality, whole food, organic products, as well as preparing them in essential ways such as sprouting and fermenting, making them much more beneficial to the human body. In addition, all persons hold a moral responsibility to be virtuous to each other, as well as to the earth, so the goodness within it may continue to strengthen our body, gladden our heart, and enliven our soul.


Mom and daughter duo Amy and Jessica are the founders of Chestnut Pines. Amy was born and raised in eastern Nevada on a farm, where she grew to respect and appreciate the land. She first discovered her passion for health twenty years ago when a friend loaned her a book about eating raw. This was the first book she had ever read that she couldn't put down. Since then she has been hungry to learn all she can about nutritional therapy and different healing modalities. She has taken and completed several classes and programs about nutrition and herbs, however she is in the process of finishing a degree in alternative medicine. One of her greatest passions is helping people discover the amazing potential and value real whole foods can have in one's life. As a permaculture gardener she is a huge advocate for helping others learn how to use their own house and yard no matter the size to become more self-sustaining to themselves and to Utah, where she calls home. Her most cherished roles in life are being a wife and mother to seven wonderful children. You may often find this urban cowgirl juggling her "best of both worlds" life as she lives in the city with her chickens, horses and cows. In her spare time, you will find her cuddled up with a blanket reading a how to book, landscaping her yard, making a healthy meal and doing yoga. 

Jessica was born with a burning love for nature and has always marveled at the amazing intelligence the earth seems to possess when it comes to the perfect design of her products. She was first introduced to the benefit of those wholesome products by her mother, but because of her life experiences she has developed her own deep love and relationship with the earth. Around the age of ten she began to experience health problems that unknowingly followed her for more than a decade. While she was living back east doing service work, her health problems exploded to the point that she was unable to function properly for the next several years. When she became deathly ill she made herself one promise... that no matter what it took she would get well. To her it seemed that if her body could become sick, it could become healthy. That propelled her to look harder and go deeper than anything that had been done before, through long hours of learning about the earth, taking classes and enrolling in programs that explored nutrition, herbs, alternative healing modalities and anatomy and physiology. Today you can find her smiling from the inside out because it turns out she kept that promise to herself, she is well. Her greatest goal in life is to now help others make and keep the same promise to themselves.  She is currently pursuing a nursing degree. With her agriculture background she has a deep love for learning and sharing biological farming and ranching techniques. in her spare time, you will find her in the mountains biking, running, hiking, camping, and snowboarding, or in her kitchen cooking and baking. 

Together they know that the most valuable thing in life is health, because without it, it will rob one of being able to think clearly, to smile fully, to provide for yourself, to serve others, to be a friend, to make memories, to have adventures, to be active, to see the world. Simply put sickness will rob one of life and that's no way to live.  In addition, we find it important to give credit where credit is due and it is very much so due to our Father in heaven. To our Lord we thank for giving us the strength and courage that we didn't have to go forward. As well as for the truth that is there if we have an open mind and a willing heart. To our immediate family, you are the most important people in our lives. When the world has been against us, you have been always been there for us. We love you.  




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