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Why you should only eat in the "season thereof"


      Do you take off your thick heavy winter coat to put on lighter clothes for spring? If so then do you swap your heavy winter diet for a light cooling spring diet? If your answer is no why not? Don't we reach for our long sleeves and coats with those deep autumn colors that keep us bundled up when fall arrives? Only to ditch them for shorter, light, bright colored clothes that keep us cool and refreshed all spring? If we recognize the change in seasons with something as simple as a pair of jeans that no one will remember, shouldn't we do it as well with something so vitally important such as our diet since it is the foods we eat that will affects us today, tomorrow and 10 years down the road?


Perhaps before you make up your mind one should explore what exactly a season is. A time of different weather and daylight hours resulting from the earth's changing position in regards to the sun is google's definition. A season can also refer to a certain time frames within one's own life, just as every wise man and woman will tell you “the only sure thing about life is change.” So it is true with the very blood that runs through our veins. Among this life giving liquids most vital roles is the job of thermoregulation. Since basically all parts of the body are penetrated by blood vessels the blood flow is what sets the temperature of the entire body. Our food is what determines the temperature of our blood, therefore if we want to be healthy throughout the year it is essential that our diet then blood changes with each season.

     After a cold and restful time such as winter spring brings that wonderful wave of warmth, new life, and freshness that we so look forward to! Since our blood is found to be thick and congealed after such a cold season, our bodies need a renewal of life such as the rejuvenation that is found through a spring tonic. Through the earth's wisdom greens, gentle vegetables, berries and fruit are brought forth to make such a tonic for the occasion. They have the various types of minerals, salts, and vitamins which thin form and think the blood stream, so that instead of acting like a lethargic slug we may go forward with strength, energy and ambition during this joyful season that is filled new life. 


     With Summer comes blistering heat that may make some relate to a stick of butter sitting on pavement during a july afternoon. During this time our spring diet is no longer adequate so a plentiful new menu is brought forward that is filled with refreshing vegetables such as cucumbers. As well as an array of fruits that include melons and herbs of every kind all containing high amounts of salt, minerals and vitamins which thin and cool our bloodstream, giving us dignity and joy, all so that we may handle any humidity or heat without discomfort.


     Then comes the fall crisp and magic of autumn which seems to float throughout the air and into every heart. Nature senses this wonder and gives us food once again to cope with the change. This food is different than what is found within spring or summer though. Stronger fruits such as apples and pears come forth, thick vegetables including squash, potatoes and pumpkins arrive possessing just the right amount of minerals, salt and vitamins to prepare our bloodstream for the chill that is here and the coming cold.


      As Winter shows herself in a glorious white robe some don't see the beauty. Perhaps though it is because they have not taken the earth's invitation to prepare for her. We are given substance in the form of nuts, grains, apples, pears, herbs and an abundance of root vegetables such as beets, carrots and onions, because of their durable nature this allows them to be stored in their wholesome state for months on end without ever needing chemical treatments, nor heating and drying processes. They are simply there for us all season to thicken our blood so we may stay healthy, strong and full of love and life during winters harsh conditions.


      To the wise I acknowledge that change always exists, but sometimes it’s just what we need. So put on those jeans, but most importantly change what goes on your plate and eat in the season thereof. If together we do so there will be strength in our bodies, gladness in our hearts and life in our souls all through the years.


Jessica Smith