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UNFILTERED: Raw milk is better for you


Ask anyone what raw milk is and you’ll get a different answer each time. You may hear “it's not good for you, or it’s better for you” to both of those answers I say there is substantial evidence which shows raw milk is the healthier choice, to understand why you must understand what it is first.

What it is?

Raw milk is simply what you think it sounds like, raw, uncooked, unprocessed milk in it’s naturally occurring state, just the way nature intended it to be for you. Which is as a complete food source because it has the perfect blend of proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and saturated fats, which greatly nourish, sustain and strengthen your body. At a closer look these include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, zinc, chlorine, iron, copper, vitamins A, C, E, and D as well as the ones that make up the B complex.

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Where it comes from?

Raw milk typically comes from Jersey cows which are short and brown or from holsteins which are tall, with black and white spots. However, despite the breed and in order to produce high quality raw milk for you they get their feed by grazing on grass, or during the colder months through non gmo hay (dried grass mixed with alfalfa) and grains. One practice that commonly sets apart raw milk dairy farmers from the other ones are their standards, for example if a cow becomes sick and antibiotics are required to treat her, the farmer will remove her from the herd so their milk may remain as pure as possible for you.


How is it different from normal store bought milk?

Normal store bought milk goes through a process called pasteurization which heats raw milk up using extremely high temperatures turning it into an unnatural product that sits on the grocery store shelf waiting for you to pick it up. This process is very destructive to yourself and the milk because it destroys the crucial vitamins and minerals within it, while also completely destroying all the enzymes and carrier proteins, this is disastrous because the enzymes and carrier proteins are like a key, they are required by your body to unlock your ability to absorb all the nutrients from this perfect food source.


Pasteurizing milk turns it into an unnatural product that can be destructive to you. While, raw milk is unfiltered, uncooked and unprocessed remaining in its natural state, as a complete food source providing the perfect amounts of protein, saturated fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, as well as crucial enzymes which act as a key within your body, opening the door for you to absorb the nutrients nature's perfect food has waiting for you. 

Jessica Smith