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Saturdays 10am-1pm (additional Hours coming in march)

Baked Sourdough and Sprouted Ancient Grain Goods

Pick up a healthy sprouted treat or a warm loaf of organically grown homemade sourdough bread


Our passion and commitment is to only use ingredients that are natural and organically grown and to make them into products using nature’s methods. All of our handmade sourdough bread is a true ferment, meaning that it has no man made commercial yeast in the start, nor the dough, instead it rises with natural, wild yeast as a true ferment for 12-24 hours to break down the gluten content and phytic acid. Our sprouted grains can honestly and proudly be called sprouted because they have been soaked in water until the wheat berry, or seed, has began to bring forth life through a visible sprout. This task usually takes several days.

Both of these processes are nature’s way of making grains more easily digestible and the nutrients much more abundantly bioavailable. Good bacteria in our gut is key to digestive health and wellness. The foods that support gut health are more important than ever with ancient, living, probiotic-rich, fermented foods such as sourdough and ancient sprouted grains, which unlock the vital benefits of grains. Some benefits include increased digestibility, increased absorption of minerals, increased antioxidants, and increased Vitamin B & C. By following these natural methods, we may have strength in our body, gladness in our heart, and life in our soul. 

Pick up a healthy sprouted treat or a warm loaf of organically grown homemade sourdough bread today at Chestnut Pines in Draper—or visit Redmond Heritage Farms stores in Orem or Salt Lake City to get our yummy baked goods! 

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Sourdough Breads

  • Farm House Loaf: A finger-licking blend of whole white and red wheat

  • Cinnamon Raisin Bread: A combination of whole wheat flour, warming cinnamon, and delicious raisins

  • Ancient Spelt: A perfect mix of water, salt and vitamin power packed grain, spelt

  • Herbal Loaf: Whole wheat bread with tasteful herbs blended together



  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: Made with sprouted ancient Khorasan wheat and naturally sweetened

  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread: To celebrate the fall season, sprouted ancient Khorasan wheat, pumpkin, and cacao chips go perfectly with the fall change of season



  • Sprouted Pancake Mix: A delicious, healthy combination of the ancient grain Khorasan, this is an easy everyday mix for all households that is packed full of nutrients and yumminess

  • Rolls: Whole wheat sourdough

  • Hamburger Buns: Whole wheat sourdough buns